Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fixed Identity 001: Martin Newell-Songs For A Fallow Land

Fixed Identity is proud to announce the release of Martin Newell's 1985 masterpiece "Songs For A Fallow Land". Newell, mastermind of UK d.i.y. group The Cleaners From Venus, crafted these songs in an old stable building in self-described "extreme poverty" resulting in an extremely inspired and highly personal realization of perfect underground psychedelic pop. Originally released in an edition of 100 cassettes, F.I. has remastered each song from Martin's original chrome tapes to be issued on LP in a limited pressing of 500 copies containing liner notes by the "Wild Man Of Wivenhoe" himself. Available February 2011.


  1. I would like to pre order this if possible? Let me know how.

  2. m email address is jwilliamhurst@gmail.com